Marriages: Don’t Give Up

Marriage is a divine union that was created by God! And because it was created by You Lord, the enemy has been trying to destroy it for so long, he speaks to the woman when she is not strong, he fills her head with such lies and try to distract her while he is over there tempting her husband. He brings division to the family, the children begin to be disobedient, the wife does not seem like herself, she takes on the spirit of laziness, while the husband takes on the spirit of selfishness.
And while the enemy is playing everyone against each other no one is seeing what he is really up too. Because they are so busy arguing that they can’t see it while it’s in front of them. And before you know it days, weeks and months have passed on now the couple is so far from one another that they are now doing their own thing, there is no intimacy in the marriage, there is no respect for one another, there is no quality time spent with each other.

Now the enemy uses one last ploy to drive the couple apart even more, he work on them so hard that they aren’t even attracted to one another they’ve lost the fire! This sounds like allot of marriages doesn’t it? But I want you to know one thing right now! What God has joined together let NO MAN put asunder!

Lord  marriages across this world and nation are suffering so much, Lord I don’t have the words to say I don’t know how to reach your people, but Lord I know you can mend what has been torn apart. I know you can weave the fabric of these marriages again. Lord help these couples to rebuild the foundation in their marriage and those who never had a foundation in their marriages I ask you to guide them. AMEN,AMEN and AMEN!

7 thoughts on “Marriages: Don’t Give Up

  1. I just want to say what a true & real problem! These things happen everyday.. The enemy tryed to devide even my marriage awhile ago; but Glory to God my husbond was stronger then myself at the time. & would not except my not being happy any longer .. I knew I was leaning out of the will of God , I talked to my paster briefly, but not in depth. I began to pray about it w/ all my heart. The Lord gave me scriptue ” STAND & KNOW THAT I AM GOD ” I did~ and BOY AM I GLAD I DID !! MY MARRIAGE IS STRONGER NOW THAN EVER…. Thank u Jesus..////

    1. Ruby yes, it’s all to real these days. And though you was going through it the enemy was talking to not only you but both of you. But I am happy to hear that your marriage is stronger now then ever. Glory to GOD..for His WOnders

  2. It does look like we continue to mirror each other in our posts. It’s so important to remember that we fight an Enemy who comes to steal, kill, and destroy our marriages… DAILY! Thank you for this great reminder! May God continue to watch over your marriage and bless it! I pray too for those who are hurting and looking for an answer! May they find their answer in God and not in this world!

    1. Yes! the devil is good at his job he has been doing it for 1000`s of years, but there is great news are God is stroger and the BEST… I was married for 27 years where the devil shredded that marriage, but I am very thankful His Mercies that is Everlasting…. He has toatly Blessed me above my wildest dreams with an awesome husband, and has forgiven me, and helped me start over again and to forgive myself, mankind doesn`t always forgive, but Jesus always does, all we need to do is ask… so those that have been through a broken marriage, forgive yourself… our God is a God of a second chance…. 🙂

  3. Having just led a marriage retreat, I was so impressed with the couples there – they were really committed to each other. lessons in love and respect for each other abounded. Praying together was another strength too. Good words in your post today!

  4. Thank you all ladies for your comments I pray that those who have read your remarks will be blessed. Marriage is not easy for it comes with a whole new set of problems, but as Sarah said the enemy is out to kill, steal and destroy us. All the more reason for us to be petitioning our marriages every day.

  5. Oh yes marriage is very difficult but it’s all the more reason to fight for the marriage,when I say fight I mean give that extra and at times we feel we have given all we can give, but when we do it within ourselves we don’t see extra strength. We have to pray everyday for our marriages. I look at marriage as fighting for your life, not in a bad way. But when a person is ill they fight to stay alive they don’t give up they don’t speak negative they speak positive. That is who we must fight.

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