The Un-expected

When you read in Matthew 26:47-65 you will see that even the night that Jesus was taken by the Roman soldiers Jesus was not surprised when they came for Him.
In life we all eventually come to a place of the un-expected. Often times when things catch us off guard we become very fearful that we hide ourselves in a shell, until everything is over. But not all expectancies are fearful for us. The reason it becomes fearful is for we aren’t sure what or how it happen or why?
We just don’t like being taken by things that will cause us to be unsettled. We must remember that the Lord is never shaken or disturbed by those expectancies in life. Do you think that when something bad happens to you or in the world that the Lord is surprised by it? No, He is never surprised but we are. So today I challenge you that when you find your self being surprised by something instead of hiding in a shell, how about going directly to the source which is Jesus Himself and say” Lord, I know you saw just what happen and though it caught me off guard I know you was not surprised. Help me to remain calm and still as this thing passes over me…amen

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