Egg Shell Steps

Today’s challenge is going to be a little different I want to pose a question you all my readers, I want to know how do you handle a situation where you must tell your friend something but you know exactly how they will react?
The reason for this challenge is for you and I too see if we walk on egg shells around our friends? Yeah, I know you are breathing fast now you did not see this one coming! But let’s face it friends we all either have a friend like this or we know someone who does, and the question becomes how do we deal with it?
Several reasons as to why most people won’t say nothing to them is because they rather not deal with the drama from this person, maybe that person might cause a scene, it may hurt their feelings they won’t understand as to why you are doing this?  Believe me these are all very good reasons because we don’t want to hurt our friends or anyone feelings because we don’t like it when ours are hurt, right?
But in all honesty guys you have to be honest with yourself if you have to walk around this person on egg shells then is that the type of relationship you want? Is this even a healthy relationship at all?  It doesn’t mean that you don’t want to be friends anymore. What it does mean is that you care enough and love them enough to be honest even in spite of their reactions.
This is a lesson we all can grow from but most importantly is that the other person grows as well. Because being a friend is never easy but the rewards far out weighs anything else.

2 thoughts on “Egg Shell Steps

  1. I certainly know some egg shell people, some in my family too. I handle a lot of it with prayer and often just keep my mouth shut in order to do as your mentioned to avoid the drama. Yet they too are a child of God and the more I seek to understand where they are coming from, the more I love them and accept them as they are too.

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