Husbands And Wives In Heaven

Mark 12:25 says” For when they shall rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.

When a spouse who is born again and they pass the other spouse  will say I’ll see them again in heaven, and that is so true. Than on the other hand you have some who believe that they will be married while they are in heaven and live as husband and wife.

Well I hate to disappoint you but according to Mark 12:25 they will not be united as husband and wife in heaven. For years we believed that we will be maybe we believed it so it brings us comfort. But even in death we must speak the truth of God’s word and not tell people what we think they want to hear to comfort them.

It is folly to ask, if you and your spouse will be married again in heaven? The bible clearly says no, you will not but you will both be there as angels. The relation between husband and wife is only instituted in the earth, not in heaven, in 1 Corinthians 15:50 it says ” I declare to you, brothers and sisters, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable

I know this brings shocking news to us especially if you thought differently but these are God’s Words not “Desi” words…Father God I ask you to bring comfort to everyone who thought differently Lord I ask that they find comfort in Your words and that they rest in knowing how much You Lord love them. I know it’s not easy hearing this message today but Lord You are Truth and we who are called by Your name must accept Your Word even when we can’t understand it. Help us in our unbelief Lord GOD! AMEN


14 thoughts on “Husbands And Wives In Heaven

  1. “Desi”; Honey; This is really good news to me LOL. I Love it !!!!!! Better hang this one on the wall… Blessings.. Bro pat..

    1. Thank you Brother Pat..I was a little scared posting this one because I thought I was going to get mostly hate mail…I get those when I go against the crowd or when I talk about controversial topics.. gotta say what He gives me regardless of the hate mail and back lashes right. They did the same to Him and He told us this would happen…

      1. Thats right Honey never be scared to preach the truth ” It sets the captive free” Besides I like the idea of not being married anymore.. Bless you my Friend..

      2. OH I’m married.. I just don’t want to be when I get to heaven… Wont be able to go down to the river and hang out all I want to ..LOL…

  2. Wow, a very good message – thought-provoking and biblical, although this verse is not often mentioned and preached about. I wonder why…:-) It must have needed some bravery to deal with this:-) People don’t like talking about this so much – I’m glad you did. God bless you.

    1. thank you wwrodwatcherdawn it is not preached much I’ve never heard it but I many years ago I knew that there was no way married people would be joined together as couples. And so when the Lord told me to post it today talk about me being nervous..but I am so thankful I did post it because I see it has helped allot of people…thank you for your comment

  3. Thank you for bringing us what He lays on your heart! I’m like Bro Pat . . .have no problem with not being “married” in Heaven.God bless you as you bless others today!

  4. Thank you for posting this…. I have been so confused because my husband’s first wife is in heaven and people say things to him like, “Won’t it be wonderful that you can be with her again in Heaven?” Well…. they may think it’s wonderful, but as his “new wife”, I’m not so crazy about that idea. I would think that marriage in Heaven would cause a lot of confusion when it comes to situations like this, but I never heard any teaching on it. Thanks.

    1. Well hello Jan and thank you for your comment you are so right on two things if we was to be still married to our spouses it would cause a problem in heaven and God is not a God of confusion. Secondly it is not preached I have been going to church for 48 yrs and I attended allot of churches been members of many during the course of my time and not once have I ever heard any pastor or laity speak of this and the reason being is because they just aren’t sure what God says about such matters.

      But so often in sadden situations I hear pastors tell the one who is grieving that you will be united with your love ones as if they will be married again clearly I know why they do it to bring comfort, but when I look at it I see no comfort, why would we lie to someone to bring them comfort and we get their hopes high only for them to find out later the truth..We can’t do this I know it sounds all spiritual and everything but people need truth in order to be comforted…

      Again thank you for commenting and I do hope you come back and look around the site and if you see something that is not posted but was curious let me know….Tell your friend nice having you here today..By the way I am having a prayer meeting on the conference call and if you would like to attend join in all the information is posted into today’s blog…

  5. Thanks, I always wonder about that and the reason is my first marriage ended in divorce and I am remarried – wonder who will I see up there as my hubby. Glad to know marriage is a earth thing and we will be like angels in heaven.

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