Drink from the Brook of Water

You will drink from the brook, and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there, 1 Kings 17:4  The times were fit for an Elijah; an Elijah was fit for them. The Spirit of the Lord knows how to fit men for the occasions.

Elijah let Ahab know that God was displeased with the idolaters, and would chastise them by the want of rain, which it was not in the power of the gods they served to bestow. Elijah was commanded to hide himself.

If Providence calls us to solitude and retirement, it becomes us to go: when we cannot be useful, we must be patient; and when we cannot work for God, we must sit still quietly for him.

The ravens were appointed to bring him meat, and did so. Let those who have but from hand to mouth, learn to live upon Providence, and trust it for the bread of the day, in the day. God could have sent Angels to minister to him; but he chose to show that he can serve his own purposes by the meanest creatures, as effectually as by the mightiest.

But there is a river which makes glad the city of God, that never runs dry, a well of water that springs up to eternal life. Lord, give us that living water!

This story is so amazing because it show us that God can use anything He wants to reach His people. Maybe today you are needed some water from the brook like Elijah did, go to the same brook Elijah did and you won’t be thirsty no more it won’t run dry, stay there in God’s presence until you hear from God Himself, and when you begin to get hungry God Himself will send ravens your way to feed you as He did with Elijah. Can’t you just see this with your spiritual eyes? I know I can. Enjoy your day.


6 thoughts on “Drink from the Brook of Water

  1. Thanks for sharing, Minister Desiray

    “This story is so amazing because it show us that God can use anything He wants to reach His people…”
    How easily we forget…


  2. This spoke to me and blessed me. Thank you, dear Desiray for listening to Him and bringing us the message. For me, it’s again reminding me of HIS strength, of Him providing . .. and of my reliance and trust of Him. God bless you!

    1. Glad it spoke to you sister Debbie it’s these messages that God gives us that we have to come to the reality of it and when we see it and began to use the word for what it is in our lives we become closer to God and know who HE is and who we are in Him.

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