Sharing with you about me

I want to welcome you to ” Desiray’s Corner.” This morning I want to share an update about a podcast I shared with you all before 2013 came in, it was entitled” One Word for 2013″ first I want to thank all those who listen to it and I prayed it blessed your spirit and that you took heed to the word of God.

Since that time which was about six days ago the Lord has been doing some wonderful things in my life. Different changes are happening in my life. God is moving in my marriage things which I use to complain about God is showing me there is no need for me to complain about it any longer. I’m seeing in my family relationship where me and my one sister was so far apart that during the Christmas week she sent me a Christmas Blessing. My daughter’s faith in God has climb to a whole new level than where she was before. She recently told me that after reading the book of Hebrews she has now been saying to God that “whatever His Will for her life be, so be it”.

All these thing are due to God and I thank Him, for I had nothing to do with it, it was all HIM. God said “Don’t neglect what is important” all of this ties around Him. If you haven’t listen to the audio than you won’t understand what I am saying today. If you would like to listen to it you can find it on this site do a search for the One Word for 2013.

I leave you with this thought for Saturday. No matter what everyone else is doing each Christian has to decided how much of God do they want and when we decide that than He will increase more in your life and you will decrease. AMEN


6 thoughts on “Sharing with you about me

  1. Thanks for sharing the good news about your life, family–how that encourages me! God bless you, continually and abundantly–love, sis Caddo

    1. Bless you Caddo I believe as Christians we are to encourage people by telling them what God is doing in our lives and what He tells us. AMEN

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