A Thousand Years

2 Peter 3:8 says” But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

I love this verse because so many times it reminds me to be patient when I am anxious about something and waiting for it to take place this verse comes to mind. In our minds if we wait more than a day we think we have suffered long enough when clearly scripture says what a day is to the Lord.

And with that being the case then you and I should not complain because we really haven’t waited a thousand years, see this is how I see it, when a hungry person is ready to eat to them 15 minutes can seem like an hour, and so when I have to wait the Lord is saying “Desi, my child you haven’t been waiting long at all.

I think we all should keep that in mind so when your patience run thin and you can’t wait for something just go and read this verse again and it surely does put it into perspective, for us don’t it?

There are a lot of people who waited in the bible, Moses waited for 40 years, Abraham waited for many years before God blessed him and Sarah with a child. Could it be that in our waiting God is perfecting something in us, He is maturing us and removing some things in us which He does not approve of?

The list can go on and on but one thing for sure if we are trusting God we have to wait on Him and it’s in His timing not ours, so what are you going to do while you wait?


9 thoughts on “A Thousand Years

  1. good reminder about this verse and patience. His timing is difficult though at times. I have learned by looking back reflectively, it see His hand in my life and that helps me during tough times.

    1. Jean I do the same thing I have to look back and see what He did before and say He will do it again. Those difficult moments are so hard for us.

  2. I love how you helped us look at this verse and put our waits into perspective! I’m thinking the longer the wait, all the better it will be when it gets here! 🙂 God bless you and your waiting time with Jesus!

  3. Good words Desiray! 🙂 I think there is one thing to keep in mind as we go through a hectic day; the one who benefits the most from our patience is us! When everything is going our way patience is easy to demonstrate; but sometimes we have to experience annoying events and difficulties to help us grow and strengthen our character. Perseverance and patience are two essential qualities that help spiritual people deal with all circumstances.

    Blessings and love sweet sister!

  4. Oh how I love this message, Desiray!! Patience is not one of my natural virtues, although I think I’m making a bit of progress, so that encourages me! Great job–God bless you–love, sis Caddo

  5. So true…just seems like a thousand years sometimes:) Truly do think He is perfecting us for His due time. Blessings to you Desiray and praying too you can pray with those at the hospital!

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