Latest Update: Ministry

As many of you know awhile back I had informed you that I wanted to do volunteer work within the hospital, to be able to visit patients and encourage them during their stay.

As of yesterday I got a call from the Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary and tomorrow I go in for my interview. So many people come through the hospital who don’t know Jesus many are so sick and you hear them screaming for help. And at that moment you wish you could do something to ease their pain and fears.

I remember the last time I was in the Emergency Room, there was a young woman who was in a car accident she must have been in her early 18-20’s and she was screaming saying ” how much pain she was in” she kept crying and calling God’s name and as I laid there on my own bed in pain myself, I began to pray for her that God will move the Doctors so that they can get to her much faster.  I prayed that God Himself would ease her pain. I didn’t know if this young woman knew Jesus or not but as a Christian we are to pray.

And do you know within about like minutes her crying began to slow down and I began thanking God for heard my prayer and granted my request. I can already see souls coming to Jesus. AMEN!


10 thoughts on “Latest Update: Ministry

  1. This is very exciting, Desiray–I’m praying for the interview to go well!! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

  2. What a beautiful thing to do , Desiray. There just is no stopping you. You are on a mission for Him and the lost. God bless you as you go and be His hands and feet!

    1. Yes Bro. Pat the Lord is so good….thank you so much for your prayers and friendship. I had my interview this morning and it went very well, I start my orientation on the 17th. I am so excited….

  3. I pray the the people you meet and minister to will have experience the miracle working power of God in every area of their lives… may the Lord anoint you and use you mightily…

    1. Thank you Bro. Walter you know my interview was this morning and it went very well, I start my orientation on the 17th and I can’t wait…I know God is going to do more than I ever could imagine, I am just waiting to see all those souls coming to God when I get to heaven. AMEN

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