Prayer: Stay on Your Post!!!

2 Corinthians 6: 1-18

Paul was encouraging the people to “Staying At Your Post he was letting them know that this was not the time for them to be off of their post. For they needed to stay focus on God’s work and the mission that was set before them.   He informed them by saying people are watching them to see if they are alert, unswervingly, in hard times, rough times and bad times. When they are working hard, working without eating keeping a pure heart and clear head and along with a steady hand.

He tells them don’t become partners with those who reject God, how can you make a partnership out of right and wrong? Paul knew what they would face and he wanted them to be prepared and not give into what others might say to them, or do. He also wanted them to know that just because people are watching don’t slack on your work.

Maybe  as you are reading this, you can identify with it. God tells us that He will live in us, He promised to be our God and we are His people, so leave the corruption and stop compromising leave it for good, says God. Don’t link up with those who will pollute you, God want you all for Himself.

Stay on Your Post don’t let anyone or anything keep you from your post, God has given you specific instructions on what He want you to do. No one else can do the assignment He’s given you, my friend so don’t worry about those who are watching you because people always watch what they don’t understand, and they watched Jesus all the time too, you know?


12 thoughts on “Prayer: Stay on Your Post!!!

  1. Very good post, such a needed reminder in these days. It is so easy to jump from one thing to another instead of sticking with the lot God has given us. I know so many who have quit on God mission for them due to disappointments, hardships all the trials God said would come our way. The enemy is real, the flesh is weak but He will be our solid rock for us to stand on if we just stay the course. Blessings

    1. amen sister Betty many do come away from their post, but it really does take a made up mind to stay on post. The enemy loves to hinder us and keep us from what God has told us and yes the flesh is weak but the flesh has to submit to the Word of God, and we do that by rebuking our fleshes desires. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Well, Des–do you have time for another testimony? Your words about not compromising and partnering with those who reject God, is what triggered this: I’ve lived here for 15 yrs, among neighbors who largely belong to satan. Partly from my need for friendship, I’ve reached out to different ones, hoping for the best. My last effort was with a man who’s very bright, articulate, funny–and he always made it very clear that he didn’t want to follow Jesus. So I accepted this, and just tried to work around it–I thought if I could be a good neighbor/friend, maybe someday he’d catch the Light. I gave and gave, and compromised a lot–to keep the friendship; and I just felt depleted and used. It was not a romantic thing, strictly friendship–but it always had to be on his terms. When I began to connect with believers through my blog, my faith grew like a weed–I was being nourished, and even though these are not face-to-face relationships, they feel very mutual–because we all share the same Christian values. So, over the last year and a half, my contact with this neighbor has been less and less–I think he was shocked that I didn’t invite him for holiday dinners anymore (he was so used to me supplementing his grocery budget with Free Meals); and that I no longer had time/interest for listening to him talk about all his grandiose self-centered philosophies. The last time he was up, I had gained so much Holy Boldness, that I spoke to him about “choose ye this day–life or death”. He would not repent, still chooses to reject Jesus. I am so thankful that the Lord filled my need for friendship with all the wonderful believers here on the blogs–I don’t have to compromise anymore, settle for less than God’s best. He’s a good God! Thanks, Desiray, for being here–God bless you abundantly–love, sis Caddo

    1. Sister Caddo I love your testimonies, I have got to say they bless me all the time. I thank God for giving you holy boldness and I want you to know though that man did not repent you my dear planted seeds and you watered them. And I believe God is speaking to him and working on his heart. You and I might never know what a blessing you have been in that man’s life but our Father in Heaven knows your good works you did by showing him the light of Christ in your life.

      It is hard when we have to come from those who rejects Jesus because some of the people are either family members or people we know, but you displayed the model of Christ to that man. He will never forget it. God bless you for witnessing to that man and thanks for sharing your testimony. To God be the glory. amen

      1. Thanks, Sis–I was afraid I used up too much space on your blog! To God be the Glory–Amen!

      2. Don ‘t even feel that way you write what you feel no matter how long it is. Because those who read it will be blessed..God bless you.

    1. I am happy to hear that you are moving forth sis. I know the Father is so pleased…

      When we stay on our post as you said it’s amazing what God will do. I am going to follow you I will be right over to your site. To God be the glory and I pray many blessing upon you.

  3. Amen Desiray I love this post you know that Pryaer is my Passion and I Believe that regardless of what we may be going through personally we must remain in a posture of Prayer!

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