Latest Updates: Ministry

A while ago I mentioned that I wanted to do Volunteer work in the hospital and so I had my orientation on the 17th it went very well. This coming Monday January 28, 2013 I will be attending a series of training classes. I never knew how much actually went into Volunteering. I thought you only sign up and that is that but even Volunteers have some regulations that they have to follow. I had to get my (TB) Testing done, most places requires one but hospital require two. And so you know I pass my (TB) testing.

Prayerfully by some time in February I will be able to start, I am looking so forward to this great opportunity. One of the things I want to mention when I went for my orientation they gave us a tour of certain things we needed to know and the one place they took us was the Chapel, come to find out the lady who did the orientation mentioned if any of us have a need or desire to Volunteer in the Chapel we are more than welcome to do so. (Immediately the light bulb went off in my head, (you know what I was thinking, yep, I am going to inquire about it.

As many of you see on my home page that each month on the last Friday I host a prayer meeting. If you would like to call in for prayer you are more than welcome to the number is 218-862-7200 the operator will ask you to enter the  code number 111600 once you do that you will be connected right to me. The prayer lines will be open at 7:00pm est to 9:00pm est. (please check your time zones) If you can’t come but would like for me to lift you up in prayer please email me at or you can leave your prayer request in the comment field.

Let the Lord lead you in what to do.


15 thoughts on “Latest Updates: Ministry

  1. Good move, Minister Desiray. Praying God’s purpose in having you there would be fulfilled!

    Volunteering is a very rewarding experience. I’m glad you have stepped forward.


  2. I’m so excited to hear your news, Desiray–thanking God in advance for all He’s going to do through you, and in you–so much blessing!! You’re going to have that whole hospital spinning with the Holy Spirit–they won’t know what to make of it!! Thanks also, for telling me about the prayer line–I’ll print this out, in case of future need. You are such an angel–and I just love your picture, you’re so adorable!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddo

      1. Yes sis you can use the Be Free, forgive button. and thank you for your prayers and support of fellowship. God truly is amazing. AMEN

    1. You know sis you are so right I know God is going to do something that I don’t even know what it is going to be. But the Holy Spirit is going to be all over that hospital. Because I know that their are some other Christians that are there who are praying for people. And God is just adding me to what He is already doing there. The photo was taken this week me and hubby went to the park for awhile and it just happen to of snowed the night before and so we wanted to get out in the snow. Love you too and again thanks so much for your prayers

  3. This sounds so good and a perfect place for you. I admire your heart to serve. will keep praying for your ministry!

  4. I’m so happy to hear that your volunteer training is about to start! I’m like you .. .didn’t know it would require this much, but you are determined . .. and love that light bulb going off about volunteering in the chapel! 🙂 God bless you and all you do!

  5. This is so Beautiful it is always good to give back and interesting enough I have been feeling to do the same thing since I have Overcome Iron Defiiciency Anemia for the past year to give back and Volunteer at the same Hospital that I received care at

    1. That would be a good thing to do sis, we can make such a difference when we go into places like these. Let me know if you decide to do it.

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