Prayer Answering Machine

The Devotion Cafe’ Answering Service. The number is (641) 715-3900 enter my extension number 415794 followed by the # key…. You can leave your prayer request on the answering machine. And I will be able to get them immediately and pray for you. To God be the Glory.


5 thoughts on “Prayer Answering Machine

  1. It is so wonderfully generous of you to offer this prayer service, Desiray–thanks so much! God bless you–love, sis Caddo

    1. This idea came to me on Friday after I hosted my prayer meeting, and I began thinking about how people send me emails on messages through facebook to pray for them. and sometimes I don’t get them right away. Because I am not online all day, and once I post my devotions in the morning by the time afternoon comes I am off the computer until the next day and so I wouldn’t get their prayer request until the next day or so. This way a person can call the number and I will get it that same day they leave me a message.

      It’s new for me to have a answering service for the prayer I do hope those who really need prayer would use it.

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