TRUTH, Is it your Friend or Enemy

John 8:32 says” And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

One will never know the impact that you make on someones life. That is why we should always speak the truth to someone. Truth causes us to change for the better. but when we resist the truth and think that someone is out to hurt us that is when we stop growing.

Understand, truth hurts and the reason it hurts us is because we don’t want to corporate because we have had control over our own thoughts and minds for so long, that we think we know what is best for us.

Today I challenge you to open your heart and allow truth to be spoken into your spirit. I guarantee you that the moment you do, truth will be your friend forever. AMEN


3 thoughts on “TRUTH, Is it your Friend or Enemy

  1. Sometimes difficult to see and know what is true. I pray for open ears and heart to hear Him in HIs guidance.

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