What you thought was RIGHT!

James 4:17 says” So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

Doing What is Right” sounds like a tall drink doesn’t it? LOL

What or how would you respond if what you were doing all this time seem right, but someone came to show you that what you thought was right really was not right at all? Hmmmmm..I hear your wheels turning now. In life we learn from the time we are small infants until we become adults and so on. We pick up ideas from people, and books. We begin to believe what others say and we take it as being what is right.But had you ever wonder if what you consider right to really be truth? Think about it for a moment, as I said this is a challenge for each of us to look within ourselves.

Let me give you an example let’s say that you was taught that the sky was green and the grass is blue and all through life you believed that. Then someone comes along and ask you what color is the sky and grass.You begin to tell them, but they argue with you and you become frustrated why? Because they don’t believe you, now both parties are frustrated.

Well family this is what we do with Jesus He came to teach you and I a new way of truth and we fight Him all because we believe something else to be truth. I hope you all enjoyed this challenge but more importantly I hope it inspired you to look at what is truth and what is not truth.


6 thoughts on “What you thought was RIGHT!

  1. A similar thing occurred to me in my mid-30s. As I was thinking about the logic I could use to hepl others see the truth about the pro-life position, I realized that I could no longer be in favor of the death penalty. Talk about being stunned!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thought on this devotion. I believe we all in our lives from time to time try to find logic to things that we are comfortable with. But when truth takes the stand we struggle with how we view it for we don’t want to change what we believe to be truth. That is why Jesus tells us that the truth will set us free…It’s a hard pill to swallow at times for us but truth always prevail even when we don’t see it. AMEN

  2. I loved this challenge, dear Desiray . .and it’s so important. I just know that there are lies that I have accepted and believe, that He has to keep revealing and bringing me the truth about. God bless you!

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