Be Inspired this day

A Word of Encouragement to those who need it at this very hour!

When we learn not to take things so personally and understand who is causing us pain and who is trying to get us off our course and re-direct our thinking, only then will we realize that we must stay calm. The enemy is not worth it, for you and I to becoming un-frazzled and coming unglued.The enemy attacks us because of who we represent, when you are a child of The Most High God you are a constant reminder to the enemy that his days are getting shorter. You are a constant reminder to him that all power is in the hands of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The enemy knows his days are short he is still upset that Jesus was able to take the sting out of death and take the keys from hell. It’s our job to snatch every sinner from the hands of the enemy, it’s our job to walk in the spirit of the Lord, it’s our job to call those things in which they are not as though they are. You no longer have to lay down and be defeated you can rise to the occasion as sons and daughters of The Most High God.

This world has many troubles and though we live in it we are no longer apart of it, show your ambassador citizenship to the world, let them see the light of Christ in every area of your life, don’t listen to the enemy when he sends messes your way. For you are a royal priesthood and royalty never bows down to enemies.


4 thoughts on “Be Inspired this day

  1. I was listening to Joyce Meyer the other day, and she was reminding us that it’s not people, who are our problem–it’s the devil; and we should focus on the “right” enemy, when we’re fighting. Thanks for your message, Desiray–God bless you big–love, sis Caddo

    1. Your welcome Caddo we need to focus and stop blaming the person when it’s the enemy. Yes people do tend to let the enemy use them and that is why we blame people and get mad.

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