Latest Updates: Ministry

  • Spring is in the air and around the corner and with that being said it’s time for our Second Year of Bible Study and Evangelism back in the Park. This year I am planning on doing something totally new with the Ministry. One of the ideas I am roughing around in my head and that is to coordinate a “Prayer Walk”.

One does not need to know the needs of their neighbors in order to pray because people need blessings upon their lives, people need healing physically  and spiritually, people need financial blessings, direction and so forth.

I know that this is God’s Will for this Ministry, for about a month now the Lord has been speaking in my spirit about prayer. And still to this day I can’t shake it off, it’s like God is holding me to Prayer. Prayer is the only thing that we can do as Christians to see changes take place in the lives of people. God wants His people to pray!

Can you imagine what would happen if every Christian prayed as they walked around their neighborhoods or around their block? Can’t you see in your spiritual eyes souls being saved, families and marriages restored, children being obedient to their parents, violence on crime lower than it’s ever been, healing and miracles taking place?

  • Last week I forgot to mentioned that my first day of Volunteering in the Hospital was last Saturday the 9th and yesterday was my second day Volunteering at the hospital. I want you to know that I am enjoying it, in my spirit I having this peace where the Lord is saying ” this is where I want you to be”  It’s a beautiful thing to be in the place where God wants us to be. I like to call it being in His Will. AMEN

I will keep you all informed and look out for the new tab “Prayer Walk” coming soon  who knows just maybe you may want to do the same thing in your neighborhood? I thank God for you my extended family I thank God for how He connected us even though we are from different states God brought us together. And for that I call you my family. Remember to keep each other in prayer. AMEN


10 thoughts on “Latest Updates: Ministry

  1. Amen Desiray, may we pray wherever we walk and know we are praying with each other. So powerful and so Spirit filling to bring God and His Spirit into every step we take. Thank you!

  2. Hi sister Desiray; I really like your message here especially when you said ” He connected us even though we are from different states God brought us together. And for that I call you my family. Remember to keep each other in prayer. AMEN. This is why I call you sister.. Because i feel that way. and I pray that your ministry will be Blessed even to the greatest that God has for you… Love and God Bless you.. Bro Pat. 🙂

    1. Thank you Bro.Pat I call you my brother. thank you for keeping me in your prayers. We have to pray for one another we don’t have to know what their needs are but we must pray for each other, for it pleases the Lord. I pray the same prayer that God does the greatest I just thank Him for just allowing me to be used by Him..AMEN

  3. Great encouraging, and timely, message for me, Desiray–and I’m SO glad to hear that things are going well with your hospital volunteering job! Praise God! Have a blessed week–love, sis Caddo

  4. God bless you, Dear Desiray, as you continue to walk according to His will for you! There was a window of time when I was able to do what you are planning, and walked and prayed throughout my city. I know God is leading you! And thank you for sharing about the hospital volunteering . .I’m so glad it is going good! God bless you!

    1. Are you still doing the walk and praying sis? Please tell me more about it…I know many are doing it and I want to hear their testimonies of what God did from them doing the prayer walk…God bless you sis.

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