Can you say “Missions”

This morning I have some fantastic news I would like to share with you all.

As you know when the Lord connect you with people it’s always for a reason and most of the time you and I don’t always know the reason, but we have to trust Him. About two months or so I had the pleasure to connect with a lovely woman in Christ, I call her my sister. She happen to of listened to me on my Radio Station one Sunday, after that time she reached out to me, her and I communicate often on the phone.

She is originally from Hatti,  she now lives here in the United States she recently went on a mission trip back to her country and when she returned she contacted me to let me know she was back in the United States.  She asked me would I go on a Mission trip to Hatti next year in June of 2014 and would I be one of the key-note speakers on this mission trip? I asked her why me? She said because I have heard you speak numerous of times and you can do it.

Family I have got to say I am a little “nervous” because I have never been out of my country, and secondly, I am not even sure what all I have to do to prepare for such a trip. I am sure I need to get pass-port and certain immunization as well.

I am excited that she would even considering asking me to come with her and her church mission team. I am not sure what I am to do, but if it’s God’s Will for me to go He will speak to me about it, this is to huge for me to make the decision alone , I am in prayer because not only do I have to go but my husband will have to accompany me as well.

I know some might say well you should go because it’s a great opportunity and you are so right it is a great opportunity. But for me I just don’t want to take this opportunity and not be in the Will of God. I hope that make sense to you.  I will keep you all updated as to what the Lord says. I ask you to pray for me as well.




6 thoughts on “Can you say “Missions”

  1. May you follow His will as you seek His direction on this.

    Praying you will hear with clarity as He speaks!


  2. Dear Desiray, praying with you as this door is opened, that He will shut it if it’s not right for you. But just so excited that you got asked! What a blessing! God bless you!

    1. Yes it is a blessing and yesterday the pastor who is leading this mission trip sent me all the necessary papers and what we will be doing. But like I said I need God to tell me what to do.

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