Right where God want YOU!

So very often we ask God to remove us from elements that is causing us pain, what I mean is this. If we can’t handle a circumstances or we are waiting on God to do a miracle for us, and in our waiting we become nervous or even scared sometimes.

I want to ask you a question. “Could it be that you are just where Jesus want you to be?

Soak in that thought today as you go about doing your routine…Because far to often we are so quick to tell God to remove it and Jesus is saying ” This is where I want you” always remember what ever happens  in our lives or come our way even if it is for a short moment. God has to first allow it before it ever comes to you…He’s in control at ALL TIMES!

Have a bless day today His LOVE ENDURES FOREVER! Sing Praise, Sing Praise.


6 thoughts on “Right where God want YOU!

  1. Wonderful, wonderful message for us, Desiray–you’re the Best!! God bless you big–have a great weekend–love, from your sis Caddo

  2. This reminds me of reading to not pray for things to be easier, but for the strength to do what we must. Thank you and God bless you, right where you are!

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