Praise Report

Two weeks on the radio I spoke about “How it’s time we take our neighborhoods back. During that time on the air I used 2 Chronicles 7:14 as my foundational scripture. I told the listening audience if we the body would pray for our neighbors like Jesus tells us to pray for one another and do what this verse say that God will heal our land. There is no doubt about it folks our land is in some serious healing from God Almighty.

During that time after my show aired I had a women from the UK contact me to inform me that she goes to work early every morning and pray over all the employees work stations.

This morning when me and my husband came back from church I saw one of my neighbors about to get in her car when I stop her and said hello and said I had an invite I wanted to give her. With Easter coming our church is during an Easter Production and I wanted to invite her and her family. Well needless to say when I gave her the ticket she told me that she has been searching for a church to attend and that her son has been begging her to take him to church. Talk about a blessing from God. I told her well God answered that prayer for you both, me and my husband invited her and the family to come to church with us next Sunday, and she said thank you. If you could see the smile on her face.

We went into our house and I said baby another soul for the Kingdom of God. Now I don’t know if they are saved yet or not but one thing is for sure I am believing God for these souls, and God has already started it way before I began praying for them, the Lord has been speaking to her son concerning going to church. See how good God is? To God be the glory!


4 thoughts on “Praise Report

  1. What a wonderful God-story, Desiray–I love it!! God bless you, and this nice family who will be part of your Easter–love, sis Caddo

  2. What a wonderful praise report! Woohoo for all He keeps doing! God bless you and your neighbors Desiray .. .and all your prayers!

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