Instructions of The Father…

Proverbs Chapter 4 it’s called ” Wisdom Is Supreme”

When a parent sits down and begin to teach their children about values and morals. It’s because the parents want their children to succeed in life, to be equipped to handle life. As I begin to read Proverbs chapter 4 I saw something much deeper,  if we was to take the bible and read this chapter to our children and explain it to them in detail we would of given them the perfect lesson on how to live in life.

I don’t know about you but after re-reading this I saw somethings where I did not teach my child and had I done what it said in their I could of avoided allot of heart-ache and mistakes

We as parents love our children and we want the best for them. God loves us more then we will ever love our children and because He loves us so much doesn’t it make sense to use His word as a guide instead of going on what our parents taught us? Yeah, I wish I would of used this guide because as I was reading it; it makes so much sense and it is clearly the best approach to wisdom we can give our children

Maybe you’re like me and you did your best and now that they are grown your wondering what can I do about it? Well in all honesty you can still do something about it,  you can still tell your children about the  teachings of  life.

It’s never too late to teach God’s word to anyone…because even as an adult those words which our Lord gives us will still help them in their adult years. That is the beauty of God’s word, it never goes out of date, you can use it no matter how old or young you are..It’s still works…AMEN


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