Praise THE LORD!!!

What do you my friends and family want to thank the Lord for today?God has been so good to “US ALL” in so many ways, and had it not been for the Lord none of us would be here at this very second.

If you don’t mind and if you aren’t ashamed of Him I want you to comment and tell me and everyone else who reads today’s post what are you praising God for at this very second?

Garment of PraiseI know we can go back and think about what He did yesterday, but I want to hear what God did for you this day, if He woke you up give Him the praise, if your limbs are working give Him praise, if you can speak give Him praise, if you can think with your mind than thank Him for a sound mind, if you can eat this morning thank Him for the food. What praise will you give the Lord?



9 thoughts on “Praise THE LORD!!!

  1. Well I gotta allot to praise the Lord for, This morning He woke me up in a sound mind, He gave me breath to live and see this morning so far. I praise Him for clothes to put on my back. Lord thank You for this brand new day that You and I will go through it together. AMEN

  2. God bless you, Minister Desiray
    Timely post!
    I was sweeping the floor and realized how thankful I am… I am in a dry, warm, clean place on a cold and windy day. That is much to be thankful for! Today I praise God for our home and for my family.
    Thank you Jesus!!!

    1. amen sister Ann, thanks for sharing your praise with us today, and yes you are blessed my dear, God bless you and have a wonderful weekend

  3. Oh, Sis, you know I love these invitations to talk about what all God is doin’ in my life!! Today I am thanking and praising Him that He loves me with all my flaws, and that He cares so much about the piddly little details which concern me. I woke up still fretting about something left over from yesterday–it was not an “end of the world” crisis/tragedy, okay? Just a little thing, an irritating phone contact with my new apt manager. And I’d been giving it to the Lord, and taking it back–messing in the middle of it all yesterday; “telling” Him that I trusted Him to work it out–but clearly not showing by my actions that I trusted! So this morning I was “in a mood” about it, and knowing I couldn’t do any more–that I really had no choice but to wait on God. Well, God’s ways are so amazing, how He sets up situations to show us how He’s resolved our issues: my neighbor, who I’ve mentioned before, was in a panic over a maintenance issue; and he has no phone, so I knew I was going to have to call the manager’s office for him. And I didn’t want to, thinking I’d have to speak with “that woman” again! But I called, and told her what my neighbor needed–and in the middle of taking down the info, she said that she would email me what I needed (referring to our “testy” conversation yesterday). She was calm and nice, and told me she’d had a “month of Mondays”–well, I felt so bad for her, and had plenty of grace as I told her how sorry I was that she’d been stressed to the max. So God definitely showed up–and smoothed out everybody’s day, concerned; and I feel awfully silly about getting so worked up over nothing–so I’m also grateful that there is therefore now no condemnation for us who are in Christ. He knows what I’m made of–and He’s more than glad to help me out, because He LOVES me, and He knows I’m doing my best to press deeper and deeper into Him. Praise His Name! God bless you, Desiray–sorry to talk so much! Love, sis Caddo

    1. Thank you for sharing your praises with us all. Like you said it’s in those situations we go through that God sees how we are going to trust Him or are we going to do it ourselves.

      Thank you all for your praises we serve a loving God who loves it when His children can stand up and give Him praises. God bless you all

  4. I awoke this morning, still tired from yesterday, but with such a joy and excitement .. just because He is so good and gracious to me always! And I could share that joy with my family, helping their day to be better too! Thank you and God bless you!

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