Be CALM,,(Selah)

Today was my day to volunteer at the Hospital and while I was there I picked up a book on” PRAYER”

What caught my attention was this word Selah, I never took the time to see if the word was Hebrew or Greek, until today. The word “Selah” is Hebrew and it means calm. How many times have you and I read the book of Psalm and saw in the notes this Hebrew word, selah and never thought to look it up? I have to say I never thought about looking it up I knew it meant something but I just didn’t know what it meant.

Matter of fact the word Selah appears seventy-one times in the book of Psalm and three times in the book of Habakkuk. And so as I really thought about this word and it’s meaning I had to ask myself a question. Am I calm? When we read the promises of God did you ever notice that God requires something from us? for example in Isaiah 40:31 says” But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.( Notice the first few words but they that wait, we are to be calm).

There are two lessons we all can learn today, one is we never stop learning the word and the second is to remember to be calm when you ponder upon God’s Word. So often you and I when we read it we know how to mediate on the word but I think we never given any thought about being calm in the word. I pray today that we both remember that we can be calm in our spiritual journey. Being calm does not mean you and I aren’t aware of our surroundings, being calm means we don’t have to act as though we are Sheep without a Shepherd, AMEN?


10 thoughts on “Be CALM,,(Selah)

  1. The Lord’s word to me lately has been, “Wait and Watch”–to calm down and stop running around in a fret, because He’s Sovereign and Perfectly in Control of everything. God bless you!

    1. amen sis and I know you are doing just what He said for you to do. Waiting is hard but you can do it, I know it, and with Him helping you sis, you go my dear

  2. Hi Desiray, “Selah” was inserted into the music of the Psalms of David and others to mean… “Pause and think about that”. So it was to foster holy “meditation” and reflection rather than rushing through it for. Much music is just for entertainment and is a continual noise from begining to end… but it’s the pauses and changes in key and tempo that make it more interesting… even to stop or slow down and start up again.Music led by the Holy Spirit will do this for He is so creative! YAHWEH knows we too need to pause and rest in Him… hence the Sabbath commandment to rest in our work and play and music even! “Be still and know that I AM Elohim”.
    Blessings from Susan… a psalmist for the Lord.

    1. thank you Susan…yes that is why that word is in the book of Psalms that many times…we can learn a lot if we just learn to take our time and stop trying to rush..

  3. I am late in commenting on this post, Desiray but wanted to reread it all week. I love that Selah means calm and the additional info from the other commentators. Pause and reflect. What a beautiful breath prayer this would make: SELAH.

    1. Yes it would and this week as I was reading a verse in Psalm I saw the word Selah all through the chapter, it’s amazing how we see things and don’t take time to figure or ask what it meant. Thank God I was Volunteering that day, had I not I probably would of never even taken action to know what it meant.

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