Can you say, Happy Birthday

Good morning everyone! Just in case you did not know this, today is my BIRTHDAY! YEAHHHHHHH

Birthday’s are very special days for me because not only is this the day the Lord had me on His mind when He created me but He allowed me to share this day with someone who is very very special to me. My Mother..

I was born on my mother’s birMy Birthday flowersthday, March 19,Β  every year I would take my mother out to dinner to her favorite place Ruby Tuesday’s.

Mom is no longer with me she passed away three years ago and gone home to glory with the Lord. And though she is no longer her to celebrate this day with me, I still go to Ruby Tuesday’s for dinner. I thank God for giving me aΒ  mother who taught me about Jesus Christ. And that we both was able to share the same blessing of Birthday’s together. I can truly say I am a bless woman to see another Birthday and to share it with family and friends.

When I woke up this morning and entered the Dinning Area on the table I saw flowers that my sweetheart husband got for me and so I would like to share the flowers with you my extended family.

Now just in case you might be wondering my age I am proud to say,Β  can I get a drum-role, 49″ years old…WHEW

Thought: I love the bright colors of the flowers because they are so springy and spring is just a few days away.


12 thoughts on “Can you say, Happy Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GOD BLESSSSSSS YOU…… Happy Birthday to you!

    May you continue to be blessed and thankful in The Lord for this day, those that have passes and those to come Lord willing! Enjoy your special day young lady!


  2. Thank you for letting us share in your birthday! Happy Birthday, dear Desiray! God bless you and all the plans He has for you! Now, time for you to celebrate!

  3. Happy Birthday Desiray,

    May The Lord bless you and keep you, you are such a blessing and inspiration to me, and to many others out there.

    When I saw this I immediately thought of Isa54:2,3 and I prayed these verses over your life.

    You are loved! I hope you had a wonderful and splendid day!

    Warmest Regards,

    Busisiwe Moabi

    1. Busi thank you so very much, I appreciate the verse you prayed over me. And I thank God that I was able to be an inspiration to you and to others. Anything I do for God I always want to believe I am helping at least one person, some times I do ask God is one being impact? And it’s not until later when someone like yourself and others tell me then I know. God bless and thanks for stopping by I pray you come back as often as you like and comment on what ever you see here on the site.

  4. Belated happy birthday to you, Desiray! What a wonderful story about you and your mom! 49? You’re still a kid!! God bless you Big–all year long! love, sis Caddo

    1. thank you sis…and yes people tell me all the time I am just a kid I don’t look my age. i tell them it’s a blessing God has saved me from being aged. You should of seen my mom she could pass for in her 50’s…

  5. I am so far behind on reading blogs and just discovered this post! You and I almost share a birthday don’t we? me on the 18th you on the 19th. As I often say: March babies are the best.

    Just said a special prayer for you. Hope your birthday was wonderful and that you have a blessed year ahead!

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