Your Marriage is Worth IT

This morning I want to talk to all the married people, if you don’t mind I want to be personal with you and share my heart with you. At the end let us pray for these marriages.

Keeping a marriage alive is work period. Many couples have stopped trying to keep their marriage alive. “What have you stopped doing to keep your marriage alive? Remember when you was engaged those long talks you both would have over the telephone? You both would talk for hours. Did you know that just because your married you still can have those long talks?

Remember when you both would travel, you would do be spontaneous and just pack up and go away. What about those evenings you went to the park and walk around? Remember how the park became new to you for the first time? All because you was seeing it through his or her eyes. The park didn’t look no different the difference was you saw it through the love of your lovers eyes.

What happen to date night? When you was engaged you loved those date nights  ladies we would take our good old-time getting all doled up finding that perfect dress to wear, while the man would go and get his hair cut and clean the car up and putting on some good cologne. (don’t laugh you know it’s true).

Your probably saying well now that I am married we don’t have time for date night because of the kids. You both have to make time for it, plan it get a sitter to watch the kids so that the two of you can have that date. Your date night brings the excitement in your marriage, just like it did before you got married.

Do a gesture of simple kindness for your spouse each day, if coffee is your spouse thing then how about the night before he or she gets out of bed have the coffee pot already prepared for them, with a little note saying, “enjoy the coffee my dear, it’s ready to go.” Wow!  Imagine what they will think about all day? They will think about your kind gesture you did this morning. Remember doing those extra little things make all the difference in the world.

Know one another love language, what I mean by that is know what makes your spouse feel love. For my husband his love language is touch, so when we are out in public I will take his and hold it, if we are waiting in line I will slightly brush his shoulder with my hand. When we exit a building there are times I will lock my arm in his arm as we walking arm in arm. When we are in the house I will grab his hand while we are reading or watching a movie. I do this because I know it’s his love language. And he does the same for me he speak my love language.

Did you know that many married couples don’t know their spouse love language? Rarely do you see couple holding hands in public, or locked arm and arm.

Each day we as wives and husbands must work at keeping our marriage alive, the enemy wants so bad to destroy marriages and we can stop him if we will work at it  with God’s help.  My prayer is that every married person would begin making a fresh start at keeping the excitement in their  marriage. It’s a beautiful thing when two people really do love one another and that they are willing to work at their marriage.

Father God I thank You for creating Marriage that brings a man and a woman together that will bring glory to You Lord. Lord I also know that many marriages are struggling and some have been praying and yet they still see no changes, Lord some don’t even pray and don’t even know what to do about their marriage. But Lord I know in my heart that though they may not see changes in the natural You are making changes in the Spirit. And in due time it will manifest itself in the natural. Lord these marriages need LOVE, not the love we know about but Your Love, show us all how to LOVE Your way so we can bring that perfect Love into our marriages. Let us not give up in praying let us stay stead-fast, for the barriers are being broken down when we pray. And Lord those who don’t believe that prayer is the key I pray that the Holy Spirit quicken their spirit that these couples will heed His voice and begin to pray. I rebuke the enemy right now he has no power what-so-ever, satan you must flee from these marriages you must stop bring division and confusion in the Mighty Name of Jesus I pray.. AMEN, AMEN and AMEN.

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