Emotional Frustration…Is a Deadly Attack

May you be blessed by today’s audio devotion…Have a blessed weekend



5 thoughts on “Emotional Frustration…Is a Deadly Attack

  1. Thank you for your encouraging message taken from Isaiah. I declare that truly the Lord is my God. I will not fear or be dismayed, i.e., without hope. For He is upholding me with His Righteous right (symbolic of power) hand. Glory to God. What a timely message: a day and time that I needed this reminder. God bless you with strength and His peace, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    1. God bless you and I am bless to hear that it blessed your soul today. That verse gives me so much strength I used that allot last year when I was going through a very tough storm in my life.

      1. Amen lady. Come’nd visit me when you get a chance. Peruse, “Like” and or make yourself at home. God bless you and your ministry.

        ~Your neighbor,

        *iron sharpens iron*

      2. I am going to sign up to get updates when you post something this way I know when you write…God bless have a blessed day today

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