Your Cross-Road

I don’t  know who this posting is for but I sense in my spirit that it is for someone, at this very moment in your life you are at a cross-road. You aren’t sure which way to go. After looking to the right and to the left no way seems to be the right way. You take your pulse only to find that your heart is beating a hundred beats per minutes. You feel the grips of life choking you as you look at the clock, time is still moving and winding down fast. Only a few more seconds until you have to make a decision.

What will you do? I tell you now what you are experiencing is where God wants you to be because He has been trying to get your attention for some time now. And now that you are in a place of brokenness  you are now ready to listen to Him!

Many people when they find themselves in this place they become even cold-hearted that they refuse to listen to God. They come up with excuses as to why would a loving God bring them to such a place as a cross-road?  Well let me tell you He is a loving God because even in our crossroads He gives you and I grace. Don’t you know that there are times in our lives when we ask God to mature us, maturity doesn’t come unless you been in a valley.


2 thoughts on “Your Cross-Road

  1. Thank you for listening to Him like you do, dear Desiray. I think this is for all of us, sooner or later. We all get to places like this in order for our faith to grow. God bless you and your heart for Him!

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