R U Friendly?

Today I want to ask you do you consider yourself to be friendly? No it’s not a trick question but it does give us all something to think about. Because we all have a friend and some of us have lots of friends. But did you ever wonder to yourself are you friendly?

Did you ever ask yourself why do you have friends? People will attach themselves to us for many reasons and at times we may or may not know the reason why. We certainly aren’t going to ask our friends why did they choose you and I as their friends. But let’s say for one day we ask our friends why did they pick you and I as friends? Do you dare to know the reason, do you think you know the reason, or maybe you would rather not know the reason.

Some would say that it’s best to leave somethings un-said. And that is okay if you would rather not know, but speaking personally for me I want to know why? This challenge will definitely be an eye opener for us all because you never know what we will hear from our friends. Because in all honesty family we need to know if we are really friendly.

People who are friendly attracts all types of people from all walks of life. Let’s face it no one wants to be around someone who is not friendly. But remember this being friendly does not mean you know how to be a friend. Just something for you to ponder on for today.


2 thoughts on “R U Friendly?

  1. Thank you for helping us ponder being friendly today, dear Desiray! I often think God brings me the friends that I need in my life .. that He picks them for me. Since they are given by Him, they are gifts to me, to be treasured and loved. So I better be being friendly! 🙂 God bless you!

    1. amen sis friendly is something many people struggle with..I know for me I use to because I always ended up being hurt from being friendly and so I stopped being friendly…but as you know the Lord dealt with me and now I don’t worry when people do me wrong because the Lord will get them…

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