Being a Slave to Fear

While on my  Sabbatical one of the main things I was seeking was direction for me and for this Ministry. The Lord brought to my attention how I have allowed fear to stop me. What I was doing was playing it safe the Lord never told me to play it safe. Playing it safe is where I was I was standing on the edge of circle when God wanted me to come out of that circle. I had to ask myself how did I even get to this area?

Because I have been speaking and posting several articles that are controversial, such as Homosexuality, Same- Sex- Marriage, Religion, Jesus, Legalism, End-Times I was receiving some hate mail from people telling me I needed to shut up or I was judging people and that I was not a Christian. When the comments and notes first started coming I was emotionally hurt I wanted to cry, I wanted to crawl in a hole and hide.

I never held any hostility towards the people who sent me hate mail or made nasty comments about me.  I never once responded to any of those emails because I was not going to argue with anyone over the Word of God.  After that my email was hacked into and I began receiving all kinds of spam and pornography emails.

My first response was to change my email address but I said “NO! I am not going to let the devil make me change my email No! he is not going to win this. I did not change my email address I don’t care what kind of junk satan wants to send me, he is not going to win this battle. For the battle belongs to the LORD!

We all deal with some degree of fear, I am not letting fear control me anymore. I will not be a slave anymore to fear, each day my mind is being transformed to think on these things and these things only things which are praise-worthy, honorable, true, noble, pure, lovely these are the things I think about each day now. I won’t give my thoughts free rein anymore.

I can’t live on the edge of a circle and be all that God says I am. No more hiding no more of being afraid, I blame myself for being afraid I was the one who did not cover my thoughts had I covered my thoughts fear would not of found a place to lay it’s head.

Today I can honestly say that fear does not control me anymore. I control it..fear is under my foot..Glory to GOD..I could not of won this battle had it not been for THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! Thank you JESUS for what You have done and are still doing in me. I love YOU SO MUCH



8 thoughts on “Being a Slave to Fear

  1. Good to have you back. It’s not easy to speak out on controversial issues. I trust that God will help you and give you the courage you need.

    1. thank you’s not easy speaking especially when you go against the crowd but I have to even if it means I stand alone…But I know when I do stand God stands with me

  2. Thank you for sharing some of what you went through and how God led you out of the fear! There are some fear aspects that I need to take to Him too, dear Desiray, so I really appreciate this message. God bless you!

  3. Sometimes obedience is costly. I’m so glad you chose to follow write as the Lord leads. Of course you write from His heart of love for those who are lost and perishing, and from that stance you will reach many.
    May there be a great harvest for your labor of love.

    1. Yes obedience does cost just like it cost to follow Jesus, it’s never easy….it hurts especially when the rejection comes with it..

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