What are we feeding ourselves?

Acts 2:42 says” And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers

One of the things I notice when I read the book of Acts and that is when the apostles taught the people and they fellowship by the breaking of bread the Lord added to them daily.

In the book of Romans chapter 6,7 and 8 I saw where God talked allot about His grace, and Paul asked the question what are we feeding ourselves? Paul was telling us if we feed the natural man the natural man will be come strong if we feed the spiritual man our spiritual man will become strong. Sounds pretty simple right?

And so I got to thinking has our natural man become stronger than our spiritual man? Are we giving our spirit man everything it needs each day in order for us to survive? As I read this I really had to ponder on this and think about my own relationship with Jesus. Which man in me is stronger?

In all honesty when you and I become weak, weary and we feel like we are going to faint we can honestly say that our spirit man is not strong, somewhere down the road we forgot to feed our spirit man. (Many of us will put our spirit man on a diet like we do our physical bodies, we will read only five minutes we pray only two-minutes we talk to God maybe three seconds, and then we will say “something like I had my time with the Lord). Let’s look at something shall we? If you did your physical body like you do the Lord by only giving it not enough food to eat what do you think will happen to your physical body?

Your physical body will begin to shut down, it will show signs of weakness, headaches and the organs will begin to store its own supply of food all because you are starving your body. Same thing happens to the spirit man when we starve Him, we become prey for the enemy attacks we can’t fight, we lose faith, our zeal is gone and before long we end up back in our past sins.

I pray that you are feeding both spirit man and your physical man. And that you don’t neglect neither one. AMEN


2 thoughts on “What are we feeding ourselves?

  1. I pretty much needed to ponder on this is this exactly what im doing yes it is im thanking God forHe will guide me & help me most of all that im willing & open to be sensitive to His word & meaning

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