The Sycamore Tree

Luke 19 is about Zacchaecus I noticed how God told Zacchesaus that salvation is coming to his home today, now I started to ponder on this because Zacchaecus have seen Jesus teach and because of his height he was a short man but on this particular day Zacchaecus climb the sycamore tree in order to see Jesus, and that is when Jesus said Salvation is coming to your home today.

Now my question is this did Zacchaecus really knew what Salvation meant or did he think that Jesus was just coming, in reality it probably doesn’t matter because Zacchaecus had no idea that Jesus was going to die for the sins of the world, how bless it is to know that Salvation is coming to your home today. To know that Jesus spoke to let him know that the day for salvation is now.

Peter denied Jesus when the people said out loud that he was a follower of Jesus and now in Acts 2 and 3 we see Peter after Pentecost standing up boldly preaching and teaching God’s word and in one day in Acts chapter 2 Peter stood up and spoke and three thousand people joined the church in one day, all because Peter became a magnetic, he turned the world and the town upside down because he was compelled to preach the truth about Jesus.

What does it mean for us? It means even when you and I deny and be disobedient to God once our hearts change we too will be compelled to teach and preach the gospel to every person and the Lord will add to our churches daily.

We can’t stray away from working in the fields. Far too many souls are lost and if we don’t do it who will, who’s responsibility is it to tell others about JESUS? It’s our responsibility.


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