Question of the Day

Have you ever asked yourself “why people lived longer in biblical times then they do now?

When you look at the people in the Old Testament they lived hundreds of years Moses lived to be nine-hundred years old. Sarah lived to be one-hundred and twenty-seven years old.  Job lived to be one hundred and forty years.

Could it be that people lived so long during Adam’s time may have been because sin’s corrupting influence had just started to affect the health of the earth and their  physical bodies?  By Abraham’s time, it was normal to live only about two hundred years.

When you go back and read Genesis chapter 5 you will see the history of those from Adam to Noah the ages they lived.. I don’t think one really knows the answers as to why they lived so long, we can say it was God’s Sovereignty, but what ever the answer is the people lived longevity, AMEN

Have a blessed Friday everyone….


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