Latest Update: The Prayer Walk

On March 13, 2013 I posted about a Prayer Walk that we all can do in our communities.  To read more about it you will need to click on the link at the bottom.

Since that time  I have been praying for all the neighbors in my development, and this is what I prayed for Jesus to do in all the family’s home. I prayed for Salvation, Marriages, Single people, their children, jobs, health, finances and restoration in every area of their lives.

During this time the Lord has been blessing without me even knowing it but on several occasions the Lord has shown me the blessing from praying. During the months after March I had one of the single mothers tell me that she has been looking for a church to attend, and that her son has been begging her to take him. I invited her to and her family to come with us and one Sunday they came, since that she’s been seeking a church and attending. Another couple in my development who was living in fornication are no longer living that lifestyle, the man has moved out. They still date but not living together, two of my neighbors that I’ve been witnessing to before the prayer walk, has accepted Jesus into their hearts.

There are really no words to express when you see God moving in people’s lives. I know in my heart without a doubt that there is so much that God has done in this community touching people’s hearts and though they probably don’t understand it there is coming a time when they will. I just thankful He has shown me what He wanted me to see, because He really did not have to reveal it to me.

And so I say this to everyone, don’t give up on your community don’t give up on the people pray for your neighbors as often as you can be persistent and watch what the Lord will do. He tells us to pray for one another. Prayer is the key…

I pray as you do this for your community I pray God’s blessing on them as well as you and your home.



4 thoughts on “Latest Update: The Prayer Walk


    1. thank you Betty…when I started this and posted it also on LinkedIn I had one person to tell me that prayer walk does not work…I responded back by letting him know that God answers prayers….I for one believe in prayer…and I am thrilled to see what God is doing..

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