Distractions: Stay FOCUS

1 Kings 11:1-43

What makes us become distracted? Can we even control it? We all have asked this question over and over, but when we don’t stay focus we lose sight and become self-absorbed that we lose sight of what God has for us.
In 1 Kings chapter 11 we see what happen to King Solomon when he became distracted and lost sight of what God had for him. Often times when you and I lose sight God will allow certain things in life to bring us back on track. We see this here in the life of King Solomon.

When we become distracted we lose focus of our calling. God used adversities to steer King Solomon back to his priorities and his calling.

When we become distracted we don’t feel the presence of God , the Lord withdrew His anointing from King Solomon. King Solomon became even more obsessed with himself because King Solomon pursuit of pleasure was more important to him than his relationship with God. (And just so you know this can and will happen to you and I when our pursuit becomes first priority in our lives)

Emptiness has now entered King Solomon for he felt that he doesn’t need God anymore because of all his wealth he thought he have arrived to great achievements. Sadly many of us once we get to the point of making it we lose focus, it become easy to stop feeling hungry for growth and excellence. It’s amazing how we become satisfied to the point we spiral down backwards

How can you and I keep ourselves from fall backwards like King Solomon did? The answer is and has always been we must not become so distracted by the things of life. I will take this a step further when the Lord blesses us we can’t allow ourselves to become so consumed in the blessing that we forget the “Blesser in other words we thank God for blessing us but don’t let your blessing that God has given you become your first priority. AMEN

To know more about what happen to King Solomon please go back and read the entire story.


2 thoughts on “Distractions: Stay FOCUS

  1. Enjoyed reading this! I am currently reading a book called the Idols of the Heart that talks about those distractions/idols that take us away from putting the Lord first in our lives. I have also heard one or two sermons lately regarding the same subject. The Lord certainly does have many ways of getting his message to us! 🙂

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