I say, MY GOD

There is But Godnot a day that I don’t say, “BUT GOD” I stand back and look at His hand at work. Often times laugh in AWE of just who My God IS…NO wonder I can say…BUT GOD!

I’m and living witness and testimony of ” BUT GOD”…MY LORD!
I’ve been saying BUT GOD for years, because He’s been there for me all my life.

And I know you too can say “BUT GOD”…AMEN…

Have a blessed Sunday..


5 thoughts on “I say, MY GOD

  1. LOL!
    Desiray, God is so good.
    I am so amazed.
    I was sorting through some of my old hand written notes only two days ago and came across some scriptures that I had listed under the heading,
    ‘But God’. I had put them to one side, planning to take sometime out to sit and read through each and every scripture, But I had not had the chance to.
    Thank you for encouraging me to do so. I believe this is a gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit, through you. The Lord MUST have something SPECIFIC to say to me through those scriptures.

    Have a great week, God Bless you, Sis xx

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