What does Travailing mean?

Romans 8:26 says” Likewise the Spirit also help our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself make intercession for us with groans which cannot be uttered.

Spiritual warfare, agonizing in prayer; it’s called travail. Paul did it! Jesus did it when He sweat drops of blood before His crucifixion. The Spirit itself make intercession for us with groaning which cannot be uttered.

Travailing Prayer isn’t something that anyone of us can muster up on your own; only God births travail.What stronghold is in your life? How many times have you gone to intercede about something and all of a sudden you feel this strong urge to travail but because you didn’t know what it was you stop yourself? When you and I aren’t familiar with the manifestations of the Holy Spirit we quench Him because we look at it as being weird or strange. Remember everything that is about GOD will never hurt you it’s for your good and the good of someone else that the Holy Spirit has placed upon your heart to travail.

Often times it could be for a person you don’t even know other times it could be for someone way across another state or world. God moves in such a mighty way and when we quench the Spirit we not only insult the Spirit for our lack of unbelief but we miss the blessing for ourselves.

I’ve been there I can remember when it happened to me I thought in my intellect this is weird, this is all me I am making this up no ones makes this type of noise. And so just like some of you I quenched the Spirit, but the next time it happen to me I did not quench it this time I went right along with the Spirit and I followed His led. And yes I had some sounds come from me like never before, I was bent over as if I was giving birth to a child, the bible says it’s uttered with groans no man knows except the Trinity

So I say to you the next time you find yourself in your prayer closet or in a church setting and you are interceding and the manifestations begins to show forth don’t quench it but let it led you. I promise you this your life will never be the same. AMEN!! Follow the Holy Spirit led….He knows what He is doing and since He chose you to use and to show His manifestation through you, don’t hinder it by what your intellect tells you. Remember the mind can not conceive the things in the Spirit Realm.


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