1 Thessalonians 5:18 says” Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Blessed day to you my friends and family as well as new comers to The Devotion Cafe’ today’s post is about the word “Thankful. What is the one thing that you are thankful for at this very second. Not what happened yesterday not what happen an hour ago but at this very second “what are you thankful for?

Let me go on record by saying this “I know that God blesses every moment, the problem with us is we just aren’t as thankful as we need to be. We are always looking for something huge to fall out of the sky. We don’t always have our spiritual eyes open.

Now that you have come to this site and it was not by consequences or chance if you aren’t afraid to let others see what you wrote and you’re not ashamed of the gospel.  Write what you are thankful for!


8 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. Right this moment… hmmmm……. I am thankful for this gentle nudge. 🙂 I am also thankful that I have a roof over my head and dinner of the table tonight . But I’ve got lots in this life to be grateful for. Now I wish I was better at quoting direct scripture, ( my husband is the theologian in our family) BUT I am grateful because the bible teaches us to be grateful for all things and to lean not on our own understanding, to always have faith. And I always do as I am told. 🙂 Ok, not always, but I am only human. I am grateful, that my FATHER has the power to heal, cleanse and save me ( us) mankind! Praise God! AMEN!

  2. Just as Jacob realized in Genesis 28:16-17 that earth is the “training ground, the gateway to heaven” I am thankful that God gave me the time to realize that I need to repent, to change my sinful ways if I wanted to leave this training ground and enter the gate to the city of heaven (Rev. 21:14-27). If it wasn’t for the grace of God giving me time to change I would have most likely woke up in hell like the man in Luke 16:23. I am so thankful for God having patience with me!

  3. AMEN! It is so nice to see those comments of everyone telling the world what he and she are thankful for. Reading your comments brought such joy to me because the Lord truly found us all in some places in life we should of been dead from. But He kept us and we now are telling others about the Lord. I pray God’s blessing upon you all and tonight when I say my prayers I will be praying for you guys..,I also want to say please come back at anytime to the site and share your words of comfort with us all. What ever the Lord lays upon your heart. Again thanks so much for not be ashamed to tell what you are thankful for today.

  4. Today I celebrated a 55th birthday. My last birthday party was when I was 10 years old because my mom said that “little bad boys didn’t deserve birthday parties of gifts”. So, since then I grew up not expecting or wanting anybody to do anything special for me on occasions when most people celebrate. Well, anyway today I took of my “I’ll never get my feelings hurt again suit of armor” since I was 10 years old, gave in and allowed my wife to invited her sister over today and the 3 of had a party. I had balloons, ice cream, cake, fried chicken and other dishes my wife prepared. I went into the bathroom and cried to myself because can you imagine how I felt after 20 years of being homeless, addicted to crack cocaine, alcohol and not having a birthday party since I was 10. It was touching! To some people a party with only 3 people would seem somewhat pitiful, but for me, I can imagine what the prodigal son felt like being the host after being viewed as a reject, a nobody for so long.(See Lk.15:11-32). When you get a moment check out a one minute clip I made at: Here I am on my knees praying that God will bless you and your ministry beyond your expectation![image: Inline image 1]

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