What can tear a family apart

Misunderstandings are just one of the things  which can literally tear a family apart.

Below is a list of what I believe can destroy a family.

1. Not having God the center of the family
2. Misunderstandings
3. Quality Time
4. Quantity Time
5. Involvement
6. Communication
7. Family eating together
8. Family Praying together
9. Respecting the other persons views
10. Communication

The family is so very important to GOD! And we who have families are to honor it just as much as the Lord, but we don’t do we? Often times we are so busy with what is happening in our own lives that we neglect the family.

Yes you have bills that must be paid, your job works you very hard and leaves you drain that you don’t have the energy or time to do things when you get home. But did you know that what you have  liberally done is made your job your god. Anytime we give other things more of our time than our family we are saying our family is second.

And this is why we must be very careful because the enemy is after the seed in the family and so when parents are involved in their children lives , most parent will try to make up for it by buying them things , buying  your child’s love is not right you’re not helping them. This is why some grow up and end up doing bad things, being hostile in school, getting bad grades and hanging out with undesirable people., that you don’t even know. Their attitude towards you is not the same they end up losing respect for you because they feel as though they don’t matter to you anymore.

So they do things to get our love and we don’t even recognize the signs until it’s too late, no parent should wait till it’s too late to make them understand what it means to be involved in your families lives.

Yes God knows we have to provide for the home but God never said for us to neglect our home, His plan was never meant to cause you any failures as a parent. We make ourselves feel like failure when we get all caught  up in life, instead of being caught up in what God says about the family.

Your family needs you all the time, they need you to be there to listen to them to know their friends. We have spouses who spend so much time at other things including their jobs that they don’t have a clue as to what is happening in their home. And because they don’t the enemy will use a person on your job to whisper soft words of pleasure to your ears that now you are having an emotional affair in your heart and not even knowing you’re doing it.

This is why in Luke 12:39 it says, But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into. Many of us are allowing the thief to come and break into our homes and it’s time for us to be on alert. Don’t let the enemy destroy your marriage, your home your children. Take them back and do it quickly. Don’t let it get to late.

Now for those who it has become to late and the enemy is tearing a wedge between you and the family I want you to know that today there is hope, for your family. I won’t lie to you it’s going to take a fight you will endure more than what you thought you would, you will find yourself that the more you fight the harder it’s getting that is because the enemy does not want to let go, but you must trust God and His word and keep the faith. You are going to have to do what 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 says, For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds;) because the only way to fight this spirit is by this verse and putting on your Full Armour of God.

You are probably saying well  Desiray I don’t believe I need to do all that I don’t think it’s necessary, well let me tell you, I wouldn’t tell you anything I haven’t been through myself. I know what can happen when  parents pray for their family.


6 thoughts on “What can tear a family apart

  1. Oh my dear Sister in Christ, your message is exactly what I need to hear! There is a wedge in my marriage right now and just when I think there is progress the slithering serpent is there trying to discourage me and my spouse. And surrendering to God and trusting His timing to be perfect is oh so challenging!

    1. I am a firm believer that God will always send us to someone to get a word in season. I went through this with my family it was not easy. It seem like the more I tried harder things got worse. But as you know we have the victory because of Jesus. And I was not going to let the enemy steal what God promised me. I want you to know that wedge that you are sensing, will be removed it seems hard and without any reasoning behind it. But the Lord is maturing you for something much bigger. You have got to stand on His promises and continue to speak life to your marriage. yes there will be moments of hard times it will seem as though nothing is working. But I want you to stand firm on the Lord’s word. Proverbs 18:22 read it and focus on that word FAVOR..that is for us women. I will be praying and I see a great testimony coming sooner than you know…God is Great

      1. I’m choking back tears over here! Cause truly God had His hand in this. Thank you for the words of encouragement and prayers! God bless!

  2. Excellent post! The first is paramount- if one desires their selfish desires over God’s desires, there will be a breaking of the covenant…I have been on the faithful end twice. No one should be deceived, if a spouse does not “seek first the kingdom of God,” everything unravels.

    1. in everything we do God has to be the center when He is not things become unglued and we fall apart. thank you for visiting I hope you come again.

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