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This is more of a praise report and a word to encourage others.There are so many people in the world who uses social networking sites for all types of things. But if you are using your sites to bring glory to God I want to encourage you to continue sharing the gospel on your social networking sites.

Today I want to share a testimony of what just recently happen about two days ago a young man whose name I will not give contacted me and asked me and a few other people to pray for him. This young man was under a demonic spiritual attack and he needed prayer. He was fight against buying some drugs. My heart went out to this young man, immediately I prayed and asked others to pray for him as well. The next following day a young woman also prayed for him. That evening which was yesterday he contacted me and told me that the last 48 hours was hard his flesh wanted to leave the house to go and buy drugs but his door would not open to let him out. The man said that he cried out to God and asked the Lord Jesus to forgive him and cleanse him.

When I got the message I was so happy that I kept thanking God for His Goodness, the following day which was yesterday he connected me again and wanted to thank me and others who prayed for him. He said he that he thought God had given up on him. He felt the Lord’s love and he has been joyful ever since.

After I read his message yesterday I told my husband about it and we both was leaping and thanking God for saving this man’s soul.

We may never know who’s lives we are touching when we spread the gospel of Jesus on our social networking sites. So many people come by our sites and they may or may  not comment on what we write but always keep in mind someone is being touched. Sometimes you will know and some times you won’t know but regardless lives are being touched so please keep spreading the gospel.





8 thoughts on “Social Networking Sites

  1. That is wonderful! It is great when even a simple word or gesture or the power of prayer can help someone so much. Praise the Lord 🙂

  2. Your story today has gotten me thinking and prompted me to write a new story for my blog. Just gathering my thoughts together at the moment though. 🙂 Hope to post tomorrow evening.

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