What is that smell?

smellOh how we love the aroma of sweet things, it just does something for us don’t it? The freshness of a pot of coffee brewing, flowers that has been freshly cut, the baking of a pastry cake in the oven, yeah we love those smells. We love smells so much we run to things that smell good to us for it lightens up our senses.

But today I want to talk to you about the smell that pleases God, did you know that God loves the smell of our worship to Him, David said that it’s like the Rose of Sharon, a pleasant smell to the Father’s nostril. Wow, just amazing, that when we worship the Father He gets great smell. Now that is amazing. But there is another smell that does not please the Father at all and that is Sin, sin smells nasty to the Father. That is why He sent His only Son to earth for us because of Sin.

Imagine if you would how bad it smells, let say you carried around something dead on your back everyday, I know you might think this is not pleasant to share today but we must be honest about our sin. After awhile that dead thing will stink and deteriorate. This is how you and I smell when we sin and the only thing that clears our sins is the Son and so we must everyday ask God to forgive us of our sins.

Understand as long as we are on earth we will sin, the word of God says “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God,” make it a habit of confessing your sins to God so that you can be a pleasant smell to the Father’s nostril.


6 thoughts on “What is that smell?

  1. Sin is a terrible thing. It creates a smell that’s hard to stand.
    I pray that the children of God will be sermonised more on the smell of sin than the sweet smell of success.
    Great post titel, that stopped me in my tracks.

    Have a great day, Sis

    1. Carole this post was something that the Lord revealed to me concerning sin. About two years ago I was standing around some people and I notice as I was in a crowd that there was a very strong odor come find out it was coming from this man and other people began moving away from him. Within moments this man made his way to my direction and sat next to me, my flesh wanted to move and sit some place else, but the moment I was about to get up and move the Lord said: This is what your sin smells like to me” girl talk about a reality check, I never moved I stayed and I never once given any more thought to the smell coming from the man…What a lesson I learned that day.

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