Negative thoughts in our Mind

Where does those negative thoughts of ours come from? It’s so easy to place the blame somewhere else instead of us. Most of the time those negative thoughts we get comes from influences other times they do come from the enemy.

But regardless of where they generate from the important thing is to rid ourselves of us negative thoughts, right? And so on this wonderful Saturday morning, the air is crisp where I am and the sky is so very clear. Instead of me giving you a written devotion I want to share this video which I believe speaks to each one of us.

Let’s see what we all can get from this song. AMEN


5 thoughts on “Negative thoughts in our Mind

  1. The very first time I heard this song I was in the car with my husband going to church as I listened to the words I saw just how those negative thoughts that I have consumed me so much that I found myself in a place of being a slave to my thoughts instead of me controlling them. Each day I would sing this song rebuke those thoughts until I was free of all those negative thoughts that once held me in bondage. I realized that I don’t have to have those thoughts even when the enemy wants me to dwell on them I can set my mind free from it. Those fears are satan’s fears and he was trying to get me to be afraid of what he fears the most. The struggle was not easy but what a lesson I learned, and so today as you listen to this song I pray that you are no longer a captive to the enemy’s fears but that you be set free. Please don’t pretend that you aren’t bothered by negative things and that they don’t in some way hold you captive because Jesus knows what you are afraid of, let’s unite in body by being honest so that we can share our testimonies of how the Lord delivered us all from fear. AMEN

  2. Great post and song! It’s amazing how many of the lies we believe, most times without even realizing they are lies. Thank you for sharing this Desiray.

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