Romans 12:15 says “rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

If we can be happy for ourselves why aren’t we displaying this same happiness and joy for someone else? When a person has lost a love one we find it hard to offer comfort, when they are rejoicing we still find it hard, why is that? Could it be that we are not sensitive towards others unless it is us?

The scripture is telling us that we must be sensitive towards others and it does not mean within our own circle of friends. Some people will say that they find it hard to reach out to a complete stranger, I must say I disagree with that because scripture tells us we must it’s not up for debt. As a human being how can anyone look at someone and see them hurting and not be moved to reach out to them.

Have our hearts become so callous and hard that we only care about our own? The world is cold and it serves its own self, but aren’t we as children of God are to be different then the world? Many people are hurting and we see them everyday on our jobs, the market place, and yet we will turn our heads and pretend we did not see it; hoping that someone else will help them. I don’t know about you guys but I never been one to walk away after seeing a person hurting.

Are we sensitive? Today I challenge you to do as the scripture says rejoice with others and mourn with others, this way you will be obeying the Father’s word. AMEN


2 thoughts on “Sensitive

    1. yes it would be a better place but sadly we don’t do it. And that is the sad part because we should be able to but we don’t..I would hate to say it would be jealousy but I think it’s more of we can’t see past ourselves we more concern about us instead of others.

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