Warning: Adultery

When you think of the word “Adultery” we think of betrayal!  Adultery is not just what we think folks, it’s not just two people engaging in sex it’s much more then that. And today I want us to go much deeper because in the book of Proverbs when God talks about Adultery He talks about the foolishness of those who come to her aid. Notice how in the chapter you don’t see much said about who she is. What you see is how she uses schemes and plots to lure people to her.

The evil deeds of a wicked man ensnare him, the cords of his sin holds him fast. He will die for lack of disciplined led astray by his own great folly( foolishness) adultery is found. In our business dealings with others or behavior and attitude towards others. The things you enjoy watching on television like those reality shows did you ever think that they can be adultery for you? No! you don’t see it as being anything wrong, but doesn’t it lure you every week as you race towards the television to turn it on? And before long you become so involved with the programs that you begin to think and do the things in which you saw played out in front of you. Then things begin to go bad in your life and you’re not sure why things are happening, it’s because as you was being entertained by Hollywood the enemy came in the back door that you open and now he’s plotting how to destroy what you worked so hard to get.

Remember the bible says “neither give place to the devil, Ephesians 4:27” and yet so many of us give him a place without even realizing what we have done, all because we don’t heed to what the Lord said when He spoke ” Abstain from all appearance of evil, 1 Thessalonians 5:22

It’s called entertainment for a reason, don’t let the enemy lure you into these adulterous programs and these adulterous business deals. Don’t wait till it’s too late, there is nothing lovely about Adultery, her only concern is to bring as many people down with her which leads to the path of death…Be wise and stay far away from her have a blessed day.


6 thoughts on “Warning: Adultery

  1. Well said! I find myself looking at my cable bill with disgust. There are few shows that I watch on tv now and the list keeps dwindling! Great eye opener and warning for us! God bless you 🙂

    1. You know sis I never knew just how much that just something as simple as watching TV can be a way the enemy attacks. Last year there was a program I use to watch all the time and never did I see it as being a door opening for the enemy, but one night the Lord revealed something to me in a dream and from that night on I have not watched that program and now I am very careful as to what I watch on TV. I don’t watch no reality programs no more. I watch history channel and inspirational movies. I’ve even gone back to watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie.

  2. Hello Desiray, thanks for sharing the contemplations and meditations of your heart. The Word of God is our light, and only through the Word can we know reality. We should continually eat the word of God because faith comes by hearing the word, and pay attention to the Holy Spirit. The less we look at the word the less we can respond to God’s word. The less we see…. Thank you.

    1. He sure does, TV just has so much that is not good for us that is why one has to be careful what they watch. I still watch The Walton’s on TV and Little House on the Praire.

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