An Oracle against Damascus

Isaiah 17: 1-3 says” The special word about Damascus: “See, Damascus will no longer be a city. It will be destroyed and laid waste.The cities of Aroer are left empty. They will be for the flocks to lie down in, and no one will make them afraid.The strong city will be gone from Ephraim. Damascus will no longer rule. And those of Syria who are left alive will be like the shining-greatness of the sons of Israel,” says the Lord of All.

This morning as I laid in bed I was thinking about everything I have heard about Syria in the news. Not sure what all of this means as so many of us have heard and read of the events happening there.

As I pondered on Syria I tried to remember what scriptures in the bible that God speaks about Syria and I could not think of one. Got on the computer and Google Syria and there it was. In the book of Isaiah chapter 17, Isaiah prophesied about the end times and the events that will take place within this city.

I know no one likes to think about the end-times but for a Child-Of-God, we should always be watching for Jesus to return, we should not be afraid of all the news we hear and see on television about nations fighting and wars breaking out. Why?: Because it’s a sign to us that prophecy is being fulfilled and the time is drawing near for us to finally meet Jesus Christ and to be with Him in heaven.

And until that time comes with everything that is going on in Syria and Damascus we as believers we must continue to pray, you might be saying how do I pray what should I pray for? You are to pray for The Lord’s Will to be Done.

I know I was feeling a little nervous the other day about what I have seen and heard on the news, and I found myself not knowing how to pray for this Crisis in Syria and that is when I was reminded by The Holy Spirit to Pray for God’s Divine Will, and that is what I prayed for.

I ask you all as believers to stay in prayer because the time is drawing near. Don’t let the Lord catch you sleeping. AMEN


4 thoughts on “An Oracle against Damascus

  1. Thank you for your words. I was thinking about that very subject today- Syria- and all that is going on there; in fact about to post on my blog tonight. Different verse though and differerent subject so to speak. It’s frightening for sure but the Lord will give us the strength to get through all that happens.

  2. Thanks for this Desiray, I too have been thinking of Syria and the whole situation in the Middle East and truly I do not know how to pray..
    God’s Divine Will will now be my prayer.

    God Bless. xx
    May you have a worshipful day to the glory of God.

    1. Carole there will always be moments when we just don’t know how to pray that is why we must pray God’s Divine Will and not only that when we pray in tongues we are praying in His Perfect Will. You have a blessed weekend my dear

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