When an unbeliever says” there is no GOD

Did you know that those who deny the word of God are people who have read the bible? The reason that they deny it is because they haven’t accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts.

When you talk to a Gnostic , Muslim, New Age Religion and all those other belief systems, what is the first thing they want to argue with you concerning the bible? It’s JESUS, birth, death and resurrection.The only way these un-believers debate over the word is that they had to of read it in order to debate scriptures with those who are Saints.

I say this: To all those who oppose the bible you spend all your time denying the truth-telling everyone else they are wrong, why don’t you use that time and accept Jesus into your heart, instead of fighting Him.

It goes to show you must know that He exist other wise you would not be arguing with those who believe in Him.



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