Does God Answer Prayers?

John 15:7 says” If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

In the bible there are many verses on prayer, Jesus taught His disciples how to pray and we should pray the same way Jesus taught His disciples. The bible tells us also that we lack nothing, and that we should pray for wisdom. When I read the bible I see how the Lord answered prayers, I believe that the reason that people today say that “God does not answer prayers is because they are looking for God to answer their prayers the way they want it worked out.

answered prayerFor example let’s say you already have a job but you want a better job that pays you more money, and you have been praying but the new job has not come to past, you begin to think that the Lord has not answered your prayers. But what you neglect to see is that the Lord has answered your prayers. Because the job  you already have, you are able to make your bills have some money left over spend more quality time with your family. (But we don’t see that as an answered prayer do we)? How selfish are we?

You and I will never be able to see around the corner our eyes can only see but so far.  There is a scripture in James 4:3 which says” Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. The reason many of us don’t get answers to our prayers is because we don’t ask in faith of a divine promise; nor with thankfulness for past mercies; nor with submission to the will of God; nor with a right end, to do good to others, and to make use of what might be bestowed, for the honour of God, and the interest of Christ.

Before you say that God does not answer prayers examine your heart first.


11 thoughts on “Does God Answer Prayers?

  1. I remember at a very young age the meaning of prayer. My mother lived prayer she taught us to believe in prayer and to pray. I remember going to my mom saying “mom the Lord did not answer my prayer and she would tell me God did answer your prayer you just don’t see it. I never understood that as I grew older I saw for myself that it wasn’t about what prayers of mine did God answer it was more about how much I trusted Him. The more I trusted Him I did not have to worry about my prayers. And that is what has helped me through my years on this earth. It’s all about trusting God for my life, not me wondering if He is going to do this or do that. Wondering brings on stress and stress does not come from Jesus it comes from the enemy and myself.

    Once I learned to trust my prayers aren’t being attached by what I add to them I add trust to them for it’s my trust that I have in Christ Jesus. I pray and keep moving for it is in His hands. And that is the way it needs to be. Do I miss the mark at times oh yes I do and the Lord is quick to show me just how far or how much I missed that mark. When He shows me I go and make it right..I can’t allow my selfish desires to get in the way of me receiving my blessings. AMEN

      1. takes time that I do know. One of the things I prayed for was discernment. I asked the Lord to let me be able to discern sharply. I thank Him for answering that prayer..

      2. I am happy to hear that. Discernment is for every born again believer. Many saints don’t ask for it and they should because we need it.

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