What is your NAME?

Mark 5: 8-9 “says for Jesus had said to him, come out of this man, you evil spirit! Then Jesus asked him, “What is your name? You and I have the right to speak to the obstacles in our lives.

There was a demon who was taking residence in a man, the man looked up and saw Jesus coming so he ran to Jesus and fell to his knees. The man shouted at the top of voice, Jesus Son of the Most High God-swear to God that you won’t torture me? Now why would this man ask Jesus to swear that he would not torture him? The evil spirit knew that Jesus had the power and authority to do it. He wanted Jesus to have mercy on him. As you see the enemy asked what do you want from me? We find ourselves in obstacles in life and we can speak to those obstacles and tell them to leave. Did you know your obstacles stand in front of you and I and they ask us all the time what are you wanting from me?

When you are faced with circumstance your circumstances are asking you what do you want? Most of us don’t answer them we sit and become fearful and worry about it. So our obstacles continue to press us until we speak to it and ask what is your name? Tell your obstacles you aren’t going to be moved but it will be moved.

When Jesus asked what is your name? Jesus already knew the demons name for his name was Legion for we are many, even demons must answer Christ. You can speak to your finances and your sicknesses and tell them to leave.


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