If the “Pew” could talk

John 16:8 says” And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment

How many times have you sat in church and as the Pastor was given the word, you thought that the Pastor had read your letter to GOD? For me this has happen many times, God and I would have talked about a matter and I can go to church and the Pastor begins preaching on the very thing that God and I have discussed.

pewSometimes it makes me very uncomfortable that I can hardly keep still in my seat. I am crossing my legs from right to left,  or even leaning over because it just to tight in that seat.

Most of the time it is conviction, other times it is  God confirming His word to me about a matter we discussed. I remember a very particular time in service my mother said to me “God was speaking to you, wasn’t He? and I say yes mom He sure was. Her next words to me was “what are you going to do about it? It’s amazing how parents are my mom knew from my actions what was happening on the outside but she asked what do I plan on doing with the spiritual conviction? WOW!

It’s not always easy taking correction from the Lord, but I rather take it from Him than anyone else. Why do I tell you this, because we all have found ourselves being convicted by the Spirit and at that very moment we can either be obedient to the Spirit or we can ignore the Holy Spirit, the choice is yours. I want to be in His Divine Will not His Permissive Will.


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