A Donkey Discern and a Man (Balaam) did not..

In chapter 22 of Numbers Balaam was borne the brunt of many a joke, here was this prophet who so lacked discernment that it took a donkey to sense the presence of a threatening Angel and to bring the terrible danger to his attention. Balaam lacked discernment. Balaam angered God because he disobeyed what he knew was to be right, it took an Angel of the Lord standing in the way to stop Ballam.

Balaam’s own agenda so consumed him that he whipped his donkey for responding to the Angel. That right there is so much like us, when we don’t listen we blame everyone else or something else instead of putting blame where it belongs, ourselves.  His own donkey discerned more than Balaam and interpreted reality for him.

And though many people mocked Balaam, there is not much difference between him and us today. There are many Christians in the body which lack discernment.  God will tug at our hearts  but instead of us stopping and listening we ignore it and attend to our own agenda. Then we sit back and cry out why did God leave me, when in fact God never left your side, you left God by not discerning the threat coming your way.

Today I ask you if you don’t have the gift of discernment that you pray for it. Because every child of God needs to discern.


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