November Morning

ecclesiatesNovember is the beginning season for me. I love seeing the leaves fall to the ground and all the different colors. Looking out over the mountains what a wonderful view to see how God had made everything with His hands that I can enjoy it.

And so with today being a brand new month what I want to share with you is the word “Seasons.” The bible speaks about a time for everything in life. A time to live a time to die, a time to rejoice and time to weep. Yes I am talking about the book of Ecclesiastes 3.

What we learn from this chapter is that life is always changing it never stays the same. And because life change we change, not according to the world’s standards but to God’s standards. God is telling us that though we will have times when we will cry we will also have times when we will rejoice. When life happens to us, remember it is only for a season.

Let’s not get in a rut where we can’t accept the seasons in our lives. Has complacent become your way of living?

Remember to turn your clocks back on Saturday night before you go to bed other wise you will be late for church on Sunday.



4 thoughts on “November Morning

    1. Thank you Carole oh and by the way I meet another woman from the UK as well, She contacted me from my site and we have spoken a couple of times. Thought I let you know sunshine. Love your new look as well. have a bless weekend

  1. AW! God Bless you, Desiray for that compliment. I have never been one for taking pictuires, but when I think of what the Lord has done for me, especially with my health issue over the last year, I must give God thanks and let my light shine for His glory!
    It’s wonderful that we can connect with our brothers and sisters in Christ, from around the world, just through blogging!! xx

    1. Yes it is amazing how we can connect from all over the world. Glad to know that the Lord has done such a blessing in your health. We serve an amazing GOD

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