Why do you reason?

Matthew chapter 15 and 16 one thing jumped off the pages and immediately spoke to my spirit. Jesus said O” ye of little faith, why do you reason among yourselves?” At that very moment I could no longer continue reading pass chapter 16, “why do you reason, which means why do you not understand yet. 

Lord you are so right many times I have read this verse and chapter and I have never had this chapter speak to me like it is speaking to me now. How many times have Jesus gotten you through when you thought you would not make it, how many times have He given you mercy when you wasn’t deserving of it? How many times have He changed the doctors report to a praise report? Of all the mighty things that Jesus does for us in our crises He has never failed us. And when we find ourselves in another decision or crises we sweat and worry if Jesus is going to help us again like before?

When Jesus spoke to His disciples and said, why do you reason, He is saying the same thing to us why are you reasoning, don’t you know He got you through the last time He will get you through this time? It’s amazing that when I read about Jesus disciples I see us today no different then they where. We miss the mark we doubt just like they did and yet we know without a shadow of doubt that He is the Son of Man, Jesus Christ. And that the Holy Spirit revealed it to us.

Maybe today you are  reasoning as to what God will do. Stop the reasoning and believe what He did before He will do again. Don’t you just love the fact that you can be so real with Him and He won’t get mad at you?


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