What Jesus Hears from Us

Today I want you to give some thought as to what the Lord hears coming from your mouth. Is your speech pleasant to His ears? Is it a sweet aroma to His nostril?

We sing songs about how we want our words to be sweet to the Lord’s ears but have you given any real depth thought about what the Lord hears when you speak?

Or are we giving the Lord lip service all because we are in church and we want to look like we are? The Lord knows each of us, pretending  will not work with Jesus.

Let’s get on the right course and start giving heart-service to the LORD! AMEN


5 thoughts on “What Jesus Hears from Us

  1. I agree. Let there be life and encouragement coming from our mouths but deeper than that let us be careful and guard our hearts. God knows what we will say before we speak and our deepest desire is not hidden form His sight.

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